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Hohner Flexrack Holder for Harmonica MZ-2010 The New Standard for Harp Rack Adjustability

So, you've only got two hands, huh? Hohner's FlexRack harmonica holder is the perfect solution to your woes. You see, unlike most rigid harmonica holders, which never really seem to sit right and constantly require adjustment, the Hohner FlexRack harmonica holder easily conforms to the shape of your body, allowing you to actually position your harmonica exactly where you want it to be. In fact, your can set all three of the FlexRack's adjustment points (one for position, one for height, and one for angle) without having to carry around extra tools. And since the it can accommodate harmonicas up to 6.5" wide, you can use your Hohner FlexRack harmonica holder with just about any harp.
Hohner FlexRack Adjustable Harmonica Holder Features:

  • Stable, sturdy, and reliable harmonica that adjusts to fit to your body
  • 3 x separate points (position, angle and height) let you configure your harmonica position, without additional tools
  • Each adjustment is easy to execute, sturdy construction ensures stability and reliability as you play
  • You can easily exchange harps without altering your rack settings
  • Adjustable spring loaded clamp with rubberized contact surfaces won't scratch your harmonicas
  • Fits all types of harmonica models up to 6.5" wide
  • Ergonomically formed non-slip rubberized neckbow ensures unparalleled comfort