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Rapco Horizon DBBLOX Direct BLOX Direct Injection Box


DBBLOX converts high impedance source to low impedance load. Features 1/4 inch input and XLR male output. DBBLOXF version also available to convert low impedance source to high impedance load with an XLR female input and 1/4 inch output.


Approximate size: 3 1/2" x 1 1/4" x 1" Some BLOX may be slightly larger due to LEDs, switches, knobs, etc.

The following is a list of connectors on this item:

(1) 1/4 Mono panel mount

(1) DBT Transformer

(1) XLRM  XLR Male panel mount (DBBLOX)

(1) XLRF XLR Female panel mount (DBBLOXF)