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Yamaha PX10 Power Amp 1200 Watts x 2 at 4 Ohms


Powerful, Efficient DesignDSP for audio processing - Input Routing & Output RoutingVersatile LineupSophisticated Signal ProcessingEasy, Intuitive SetupSmart Configuration WizardFlexible Connectivity, Durable ConstructionUtilities for Safe and Secure OperationNew FeaturesAdditional functions

Version 1.6

- Added the new speaker data.*

- Added 12 Ω and 16 Ω to the impedance setting in the limiter of the speaker processor.

- Added a function in which the display automatically darkens, even if the setting of [BLACK OUT] is OFF, if there is no operation for one minute.

*Please confirm the details on specs tab.

Version 1.5

- Parameter editing of the “Speaker Delay” and the “6 Band PEQ” in the speaker processor is now available. (Advanced Mode only)

- Added the EQ LINK function to the 6 Band PEQ. (Advanced Mode only)

- SP TUNING DATA Save/Load function is now available, which allows you to save/you’re your speaker processor settings in a USB flash drive. (Advance Mode only)

- Added the 6 Band PEQ ON indicator to the HOME screen.

Specification changes

Version 1.5

- Speaker impedance setting is now also available from the LIMITER setup screen.

- Optimized the cooling fan operation for reduced noise (PX5 and PX3 only).

- Tuned up the operation of the LIMITER in the SP PRESET for each speaker.


Version 1.6

- Ensured that all characters can be properly displayed by adding a line break, when the speaker name is more than 9 characters on the final page of the CONFIG WIZARD screen.