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Zildjian ZHT14MPR ZHT Mastersound Hi-Hat Pair - 14" USED

Manufacturer #:ZHT14MPR-USED

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Enjoy the sound of renowned and powerful equipment for your drum kit with the Zildjian ZHT Mastersound 14-inch hi-hat cymbal. ZHT Mastersound hi-hats give you crisp, flowing sounds with every strike of your drum sticks with an in-your-face presence. Get more utility out of your drum set with the ZHT Mastersound hi-hat. Use it on a hi-hat stand as either the top or bottom cymbal. Musicians find it particularly gratifying to rock out with these exceptional symbols for consistently great melody and powerful percussions.Just imagine hearing the ba-dum-tiss and the whoosh that booms beautifully from this product. Many drummers and jammers appreciate the importance of having a well-constructed set. The hi-hat is particularly important for a great kit, and the ZHT is an excellent choice for that critical placement. Careful construction and manufacturing results in a hammered outer edge of this innovative cymbal. It produces a penetrating noise that is an excellent choice to create fast, rhythmic pulses. This hi-hat was the first sheet bronze Mastersound cymbal to hit production. These cymbals have a 14-inch diameter. This small form factor gives the hi-hat a high-pitched sound that creates a pleasant and striking accent for music of any genre for recording or live performance. This pairs just as well with bass drums, snare drums, and crash. The Mastersound series is also an excellent fit to accompany a full band or ensemble alongside guitars, bass, keyboards, and other instruments. As it did with other members of the ZHT series, Zildjian chose to use Ultimate Sheet Bronze to create this Mastersound hi-hat. This material pairs well with drum hardware to create music for any musician's ears. This alloy metal containing high tin contents for elevated low and mid frequencies. This exquisitely crafted metal was paired with innovative and exceptional manufacturing and thorough hammering to produce an excellent, high-quality, Zildjian Mastersound product. Every time it is cracked, it exhibits a traditional, yet modern noise.Zildjian has carefully crafted these Mastersound series hi-hats using creative hammer techniques on the outside rim of the bottom hi-hats. This technique results in the exhibition of contact points that facilitate rapid air release. This creates noticeably faster and cleaner sounds. Zildjian alternates custom contact points in order to execute a quicker air release and a crisp "chick." These accents highlight the unique sound quality of the cymbals without taking away from the body in the all-around melody.The Mastersound 14-inch hi-hat is easy to take from gig to gig and slides in easily with other equipment, including not taking up space for percussion accessories, including drumsticks, pedals, percussion hardware, and kits. It pairs well with a wide variety of accessories and additional cymbals, including other members of the ZHT series. These cymbals are considered a treasure for any drummer or jammer out there looking for a great hi-hat cymbal to add to their drum kit.