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"Large variety of musical and sound equipment plus an awesome venue for most any event. The owners are super nice folks and customer service is top notch!" - Kathryn M.

"Run by some of the nicest folks you will ever meet, Eat My Beats is a full service live music production company and music store. They also do a ton of online sales so you can support them even if you're out of the area.
I spent at least an hour in store checking out their full line of guitars, pedals, amps, keyboards, recording equipment, PA gear, strings, picks, drums, etc.
I am also in town for the Black Warrior Songwriters Festival and EMB is running live sound for the fest. The company is providing everything from PA, DIs, mics, mic stands, patch cords, guitar stands and sound techs for us that really know what they are doing and have been great to work with.
It has been a completely plug in and play situation for the sets and they are sounding great on stage as well as out in front of house.
I highly recommend checking out the store in town and online as well as using them for any event or function requiring live sound production." - Dean J.

"Wow this is the fourth time these folks have done my sound and we were thrilled. The very hard working sound crew are always, warm, conscientious, hard working and really care about their work. Without good sound it is tough - we can be doing a great job - but if we aren't heard and conveyed by sound artists like these we are lost. SO BIG thanks to Rick, Max and Eric on Saturday for yet again delivering an awesome sound for us so we could do our thing and deliver an inspired awesome show." - Debbie B.

"EMB was incredibly helpful during the Black Warrior Songwriter Festival, offering their top of the line sound equipment each of the songwriter venues. The festival could not have been done without them! And they are just some of the kindest folks you will ever meet!" - Laurie A.

"I love the fact that they don't put a cap on kids Birthday Parties! My daughter can have her party with ALL her friends and we can spend our money on her instead of having to worry about paying extra if extra kids show up. It's amazing! And the place is awesome. By far one of our best and favorite party places ❤❤
#ThanksEatMyBeats" - Kalyne C.

"It’s one thing to have a great music store in your city, but it’s really something when that store gives back to the community as much as this store does. Their heart is in the music, the people who play it and the people who experience it.
It is a really awesome thing to see and I’m glad for folks like Matt & Nikki Ray. They care about people and to me, that’s what makes a business successful." - Tina J.

"My daughter had her 9th birthday party here last month and it was by far the best party we have ever had! She really enjoyed dancing with her friends with her own personal DJ and the staff is more than helpful with all your needs with setting up and cleanup after! Well worth the $ and we will be back for more parties in the future! Thank you for an awesome time and a birthday party my daughter will never forget! You guys rock!" - Amy C.

"Absolute best service! They helped this lost momma find exactly what I needed for my son! We will be back! ❤️" - Stephanie S.

"We had a birthday party here. The staff was very friendly and the event room was beyond my expectations. Our DJ was awesome. She kept us entertained. We will do it again." - Tracy C.

"Great place to learn and play any kind of music!" - Sarah B.

"EMB is a great place to shop for musical instruments, but their personal service is top notch. The level of expertise in sound is truly professional. Performed recently in their huge adjoining party facility, using their sound and technicians. Truly a pleasure. Ingenious idea!!" - Brenda B.

"Just a great place all around. From the people, the atmosphere and the location. I’m here two nights a week for Zumba and the staff always makes us feel welcome!" - Janell C.

"Yes I give them a 5 star rating of Excellent. They are a Blessing to me and to those in the music business. The whole genre of music." - Alvin F.

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